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'84 Lebaron Electronic Speedometer

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I have an '84 Lebaron Mark Cross Town and Country convertible that I'm trying to keep in top shape. The other day I noticed some erratic displays in the electronic speedometer while driving. Indications would jump around for a bit then settle back down. The car has the 2.6 naturally aspirated eng. with a/t.
I checked in with the local guy who repairs electronic inst. clusters and he said indications where that it was not the cluster but in the sending circuit.
I have the complete set of Chry. shop manuals but it seems they forgot this circuit.
Does anyone know where the sender is located, P/N or any other info?
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Welcome to Allpar. The speed sensor is driven off the right side front CV axle. The inner axle is machined with a worn gear to drive the plastic speedometer pinion gear. Many times the speed sensor is OK and it is the plastic gear that wears out and skips teeth.
Also check the connector and wiring at the sensor, sometimes the wires will drop down and rub against the rotating axle and ground/short out.
Diagnose first.
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