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1966 Crown Coupe, 2016 200 S AWD, 1962 Lark Daytona V8.
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Welcome to Allpar. 3 things needed to run: spark, fuel and mechanical (good compression/timing).

Do you have a nice blue/white spark out of a plug (not coil) wire? An orange spark may not fire the plugs.
How do the tips fo the plugs look? Are they wet with gas or black with carbon?

Is the choke closed, but free to open with spring tension? Do you see fuel in down in the venturi when you manually operate the throttle? The accelerator pump should squirt fuel as you open the throttle. Don't try to start the engine while looking down the carb in case it backfires.

The timing marks flywheel, cam sprocket and distributor rotor tip should all line up at #1 cylinder TDC:

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