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85 Dodge B150 not warming up

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1985 Dodge B150 with a 318.

I noticed that there is not a heater valve? AKA the two small rubber hoses going to and from the water pump and the heater core are uninterrupted. Is there supposed to be a heater valve on one of those lines? Is that why it may not be coming up to running temperature? Dropped a new thermostat in with no change. Thanks!
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Thanks so much for the reply.

"There should be one heater hose that connects near the thermostat housing (topside of intake manifold) that carries hot coolant to the heater core inlet. The heater return hose would travel flrom the heater core outlet to the water pump."

^Yes, this is the way it is on my van. The heater core has not been bypassed. I had it replaced a while back and if I recall correctly - that's when temp problems started. Can air in the system cause this problem? That was probably a year ago.

Both hoses to and from the core get hot.

No AC in the van.
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