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85 Dodge B150 not warming up

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1985 Dodge B150 with a 318.

I noticed that there is not a heater valve? AKA the two small rubber hoses going to and from the water pump and the heater core are uninterrupted. Is there supposed to be a heater valve on one of those lines? Is that why it may not be coming up to running temperature? Dropped a new thermostat in with no change. Thanks!
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Air in the system does affect heater output. So does a bad water pump.

Check for coolant leaking from the weephole at the bottom of the pump. Also, check for play at the water pump snout - if you can wiggle the fan blade, replace both the water pump and the fan clutch. Get the larger bearing pump, and a thermostatic fan clutch. Remember that the fan clutch always faces down, until installed.

Thoroughly bleed the system. Fill and bleed with the radiator cap off, or try it with the cap on and bleed it with a hose pick or small screwdriver at the top radiator hose. Recheck and fill as necessary.

Also, make certain the fan shrouds are all in place.
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