I am selling my 85 N/A Omni GLH. Ive owned it since 2008ish. I daily drove it for the first few years I had it, but it has been sitting and been neglected for several years. I dont really want to sell it but also realize that I probably wont do anything with it either.
The last time it was driven was about 4 years ago. I decided to pull it out of storage and do a general check to it and put new tires on. I took it out to an autocross and had a blast with it then parked it again when I got deployed and its been sitting eversince.
The car has always started for me and I dont see why it wont this time but the car should probably be gone through before driving it on the road.
It is a project car, not a daily. The paint is in very bad shape but the car is very solid. The interior is also in pretty rough shape.
The car is pretty cool and has some history behind it. My understanding of the car is that a dealership in Monterey, Calif sponsored a guy name Michael O'dell and gave him the car to race. He raced it for years out there and eventually retired and moved to Colorado where it sat and was found out in a field. I bought it from the guy who found it out in the field. You can still see where the sponsorship and other various stickers were. I have some misc paperwork from Michael about things like alignment specs and what not.

The car does have koni adjustable shocks front and rear.
I have a few boxes of misc parts from interior, motor, exterior, extra set of black headlight buckets.
I also have a 2.2 H.O. block and head that I got out of a wrecked car and thought I would put a fresh motor in it. I also have a 2.5 motor out of a pt cruiser that I though about putting in the car.
I know these cars are not very valuable but this car is pretty cool because of the history. Im firm on price $1000. Not going to separate parts, all of it goes with the car unless the buyer doesnt want the extra motors.

Message me here or pm me with any questions.