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87 / 89 Hybrid Daytona

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Some lessons learned!

Bought an 87 Shelby Z a few months back. Had to give it some TLC, but overall is an awesome car. Been driving it for about a month and noticed an exhaust leak, found it was blowing at the clamps at the front and back of the cat. Welded it up only to also realized it was leaking at the exhaust manifold. Oh yea, fun job coming up.

I pulled the head, had all the part for 87. Installed new HG, intake/exhaust gasket, new flange gasket, put head on, went to set up new timing belt, when I realized the belt didn't seem to fit right as well as grooves wore in on the aluminum crank seal housing from the old belt. I take a closer look and notice I'm installing a new 87 square tooth timing belt, but all the sprockets are round tooth.. what the heck again..

So after much research and trial and error, I learned:

- 89 2.2's was first year crank shaft was 1inch, round tool crank shaft sprockets are 1"
- 84-88 2.2 were square tooth, .900" crank and crank sprocket. so couldn't shift to a square tooth allthough I tried as I was able to get the square sprockets easily and not have to buy a belt.
- 84-88 2.2 timing tenioners are shorter on the backside, 89 2.2 timing tensioners are a bit longer and pulled the timing belt out about 1/8" from the block farther than the 84-87 tensioners. I had a 87 timing gear tensioner on it initially when I bought it which is why the belt was rubbing the crankshaft aluminum seal housing. Got the 89 tensioner, 89 round tooth belt, and

Walaaa. up and running w/o any timing belt rub any more, as well as all exhaust leaks fixed.

So I have an 87 head w/ two piece intake and garrett turbo sitting on top of an 89 common block.. hoo yah.. Just wish I noticed that when I bought the car, would have made this job so much faster to complete!

Lesson Learned! Gotta know what you "REALLY" have, before you start working on it.. LMAO... :thumbsup:
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Yeah, I ran into something similar with my Pacifica, it is an '88 with a 2.5 CB from a '90 Omni. P.O. couldn't remember where he got the engine from so I had to do some back tracking, Bamman scored the key to the kingdom for me with cross referencing a partial VIN number I found on the block. Once I had that I could then order the proper Cal for essentially a 2.5 T2.

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Thats funny soloflite, I'm usually the only one working on the car while you goof off.. lol

In all seriousness I'm surprised we just recently figured it out. The later style valve cover, the lack of fuel pump block off plate, and the fact that we are always looking at the engine, we should have figured it out sooner!
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