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87 New Yorker Digital Climate Control Probs

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Sooooo my 87 New Yorker (FWD) has the digital climate controls, and the buttons have always been finicky until it warms up inside the car. Then, you have to press them "just right" or wiggle the button for it to result in the desired change. Now, that doesn't work and I cannot adjust my temperature or fan speed.

Looking on eBay, and there aren't any that are like mine. The ones on eBay are for LeBarons and have an "AUTO" button (my New Yorker doesnt have that option so not sure if it will work).

Years ago, I had an 87 New Yorker too and when this happened, I just ventured over the local junk yard and got one out of a crashed New Yorker; that was 22 years ago. Now there are NO crashed New Yorkers in the junkyards.

Looking for solutions... Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a way to disassemble the climate head unit and "clean" behind the buttons or something?? Any tips are appreciated.

Mine looks like THIS but is silver in color, and does NOT have an "AUTO" button:
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I have one of those I was given as the individual thought it would be a spare for mine. It isn't as I have the full electronic system from a 1992 Imperial in my Lebaron convertible.
If it looks exactly as ImperialCrown's picture, and you aren't going to use it & it works, would you be willing to part with it for a reasonable price?
Looks like an ATC head. Mopar # 3848576. Save your old one, it may be rebuildable for a spare?
Arizona Parts shows 6 of them.
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Thank you for this! And yes, thats it. There are none available in my area (SE Michigan).... I went on eBay with the part number you provided and promptly found several samples to choose from. Appreciate the reply.
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