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'87 w150 engine swap

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hi i have an 87 ram w150 i am rebuilding it currentley has a 318cu motor and i was looking to drop a 5.9 liter 12 valve cummins in it. i know it is a lot of work and money but i dont know what to replace for the truck to handle the power. i would be most thankful for any advise on what to do. thanks.
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If you must go diesel, you're better off just finding a truck that came with one originally. Aside from having to change the fuel tank, fuel lines, wiring, and a possibly brakes (vacuum pump or switch to hydro-boost?) you're going to have to fabricate motor mounts or find a donor chassis in the junkyard and torch off the mounts on that frame. The bellhousings are totally different, so you're going to need a different transmission as well. That means you're probably also going to need two driveshafts.

IMHO, I think your most cost effective solution would be to find a 360 magnum, punch it out .030 over and drop in a scat forged 4 inch crank. That brings you to 408 cubes, which should put out plenty of torque for wheeling.
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