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88 Aries radiator overflow DIY? or aftermarket?

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I got the 88 Aries 2.2L.....I've called nearly every dealer within 20 miles of me, and none carry the plastic radiator overflow dealer did recommend the parts store, but this car has an odd shaped bottle and location....don't know if it'll fit. And to think, I actually found the part listing (yep, they gave me the OE part number 4401324....) and a couple sites (jeepdodgeoemparts) have it for like 9 bucks.....err, should say "had" - since it's been discontinued ;)

Has anyone had any luck with the aftermarket "universal fit" overflow/reservoirs? The one dealer even went as far as recommending DIY, something with like a water bottle, and a piece of coolant hose....or But that just don't sound right :)

I guess I just cant figure out why something as simple as a radiator overflow reservoir would be discontinued, but when my wiper linkage thing went out/stripped, they were able to order that for me ;) Granted, I guess wipers are a little bit more necessary than an overflow bottle :p
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I have a spare one for my 92 Daytona, take a pic of yours and post it, see if it matches mine.

A universal one should work fine, as long as there's room and it's tied down securely.
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