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88 Shadow Blower Switch Melting

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Hi all,

My family's 1988 Dodge Shadow has had problems in the past with the A/C Fan selector switch burning out. With some searching on the internet and talking to a local mechanic my father decided to put a 5A circuit breaker on the return line from the blower motor in hopes of the switch not burning up again (as the switches are getting a bit hard to find). The issue is the blower will run on the two lowest settings but on the highest and next to highest settings it will run but only for a short time (~5s on high, ~15s on the setting below high). I am assuming that a higher amp circuit breaker needs to be installed in place of the 5A one, however I also figure that going too high in amperage rating on the breaker could result in the same melted fan selector switch.

Does anyone know what amperage is supposed to be coming from the blower motor to the switch? Any other ideas on how to solve this problem? Pictures of the issue below.


Gallery of Pictures (switch from various angles and A/C control unit)

A/C fan selector switch closeup (more pictures in the above linked gallery)
The melted areas are the high and next to highest fan speeds.

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