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'89 Ramcharger 4wd transfer case

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A buddy of mine picked up an 80,000 mile '89 Ramcharger 4x4 a few days ago, it had been a city vehicle, and on closer inspection I think that it was their radio tower maintenance truck. It has racks for at least three radios and a later-added support to hold a laptop or screen of some kind. Really cool truck.

Anyway, he brought it by to show me and we had a helluva time getting it out of 4H back to 2H. There is also a mild growl and his fuel economy isn't what he expected from a TBI 360, so I'm thinking that the transfer case might need at least some service.

I did some looking and I think that it's an NP241. Does this seem correct? The truck is an automatic.

If anyone knows direct-interchange info, in case the transfer case is worse off than we think it'd be appreciated.
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very likely a NP 241 ... before we sdjust inspect and generally tear into it...try shifing into R and then try to shift out of 4hi... sometimes they bind for lack of a better term, and the R kind of unloads them

This is a manual shift T case - direct linkage- if above fails take a look at linkage- a detent switch may be binding it..

As for milage - a 1989 360 - not a gas mizzer..... start with a code ck, then basics... vacuum, temperature, plugs, wires...
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