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'89 Ramcharger 4wd transfer case

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A buddy of mine picked up an 80,000 mile '89 Ramcharger 4x4 a few days ago, it had been a city vehicle, and on closer inspection I think that it was their radio tower maintenance truck. It has racks for at least three radios and a later-added support to hold a laptop or screen of some kind. Really cool truck.

Anyway, he brought it by to show me and we had a helluva time getting it out of 4H back to 2H. There is also a mild growl and his fuel economy isn't what he expected from a TBI 360, so I'm thinking that the transfer case might need at least some service.

I did some looking and I think that it's an NP241. Does this seem correct? The truck is an automatic.

If anyone knows direct-interchange info, in case the transfer case is worse off than we think it'd be appreciated.
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Really beat fluid can cause hard t/case shifting. Drain and refill should be about 2 quarts of ATF+4 (use the good stuff). Watch what comes out of the drain plug to gauge t/case internal health (this may not be the whole story, but an indicator). Linkage can also bind if it hasn't been used recently.
Different tire pressures and treadwear amounts can cause the forward drivetrain binding that traveling a few feet in reverse might unbind.
The growl is likely a failing bearing somewhere in the drivetrain or a sawtooth (cupped) tire. Maybe not the t/case. Try to locate the noise source first.
These were heavy, thirsty bricks.
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