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89 Voyager 3.0 dies

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1989 Grand Voyager-- 3.0 liter --Auto tran.-- 250,000 plus miles but with different tran (third) ,engine and SMEC 'computer'.

PROBLEM: Engine dies if the AC is turned on doing idle or when pulling into a parking space and turning hard left/right, low speed.

The compression for all cyl. was at 120 psi.
Doing timing check , it was erratic by about 5 degress.
No error codes.

2 years ago the car quit and did not needed it, so it was parked. The van was needed by my son, finaly finding a job in Los Angeles Cal., troubleshoot and found the fuel pump and filter bad. The trip to LA from Idaho went with no problems ,1200 miles and had about 22mpg.

I do hope it will pass the Ca. smog tests after replaceing the cat. , it is gutted.

Thanks for reading and helping me out.