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8th Annual NJ Allpar Show and Meet: Saturday, Sept 12, 2015

by David Zatz • see the 2016 show

Motor vehicle Tire Mode of transport Vehicle Land vehicle

Teterboro Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge-Ram hosted Allpar's eighth annual New Jersey meet-and-show on September 12, 2015. We had a brief expert talk after the trophies were given out; a starter swap (the video will be coming); some giveaways; a 50/50 raffle benefitting the National Military Family Association ($55 went to them and $55 to Michael Guarracino), which helps former service members and their families; and trivia questions with prizes.

Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive parking light

The dealership was planning a food truck, but last minute complications set in, and some people crossed Route 46 to get fast food from the Subway and Burger King, while others went down the sidewalk to Dunkin Donuts.

Only 22 people pre-registered; but another 32 people joined them, providing a respectable show with 54 cars; there probably would have been a better turnout with a better weather forecast. Dark, ominous clouds passed overhead but no rain fell on the site between dawn and at least 4 pm, despite downpours in nearby towns. The next day, incidentally, thunderstorms were predicted to be all but inevitable - and there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Alloy wheel

The vintage side of the family was represented by a 1922 Dodge Brothers touring car and a 1939 Chrysler Royal; muscle was heavily in evidence, from a Dart GT to a Hellcat Challenger, but so were "ordinary" cars, including four cylinders, slant sixes, and base V8s. There were multiple trucks, including an SRT-powered Jeep Liberty, a tweaked Dodge Ram V10 claiming 1,000 horsepower, and a Ram outfitted with rescue gear and emergency lights. Variety was the name of the game, with "adopted Mopars" including a Renault LeCar, Sunbeam Avenger, and an AMC AMX.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Photograph Automotive parking light

The 300M Club was represented by three 300Ms, while the National Chrysler Product Club Skylands Region, a show sponsor, and the local Restored Rusty Relics club came in force. The Rusty Relics' Pete Doll acted as the MC, using equipment lent by the Rusty Relics' T.J. Lang. Dealership sales manager Dave Ancito mingled when he could, and one of the mechanics showed off his vintage Fury.

Vehicle Automotive design Land vehicle Car Hood

Allpar's Bob Lincoln drove down from Massachussetts to give a brief tech talk and demonstration on voltage drop at the battery terminal, and how to check to see if the anti-rust chemicals in the antifreeze are still good.

Motor vehicle Tire Wheel Mode of transport Nature

One of the unexpected events for most people at the meet was when Tom Buss and his daughter Alexandra, who provided some of these photos, showed up in his 1922 Dodge Brothers car, which he answered questions about, demonstrated, let kids sit in, and generally shared. He came a bit late due to the issues of renting a trailer (after the rental shop opened) and then finding parking and figuring out how to get the car into the lot.

Tire Motor vehicle Wheel Automotive design Vehicle

Wheel Tire Automotive design Vehicle Photograph

Here are the trophy winners:

Voter's Choice(By ballot)Gabe Centrella1971 Dodge Dart
True Classics1949 and olderJoe Moramarco1939 Chrysler Royal
Trucks Phil Lio2006 Ram SRT10
Classic Muscle1964-74 mucle carsKevin Martini1970 Plymouth AAR 'Cuda
Classic Mopars1963-90, except the aboveJim Cinquina1978 Chrysler New Yorker
Modern Mopars1991-2015 except muscleRobert Day2002 Chrysler 300M
Modern Muscle1991-2015 muscleAlan Lane2012 Dodge Charger Yellow Jacket
Mini-MoparsL-bodies, K variants, PT, DartWill Durollan1984 Dodge Daytona
CustomHeavily modifiedSteve Contey1971 Dodge Charger
ToplessConvertiblesMarc Fosman1969 Dodge Coronet
JeepJeepsAngelo DeMaid III2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee
AdoptedFiat, AMC, Simca, etcJohn Fantacone1970 AMC AMC
AllparStaff selectionVincent Plofuno1970 Plymouth Superbird
NCPCStaff selectionSteve WhiteDodge Challenger

The judges were old hands: T.J. Lang of Restored Rusty Relics (and Allpar) and Brian Kapral of AACA (and Allpar).

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What we learned

After each show, we go over the feedback from participants and our own experience. What we learned this time was:

  • We need to have a barbecue if we can't get a good truck
  • The DJ was a good idea but next time, we'll do something to make the sound system better (microphone pre-amp!)
  • We'll do giveaways throughout the show rather than waiting until the end

Motor vehicle Vehicle Land vehicle Automotive design Hood

Motor vehicle Tire Mode of transport Vehicle Land vehicle

Motor vehicle Tire Mode of transport Yellow Vehicle

Motor vehicle Tire Mode of transport Vehicle Land vehicle

Motor vehicle Mode of transport Land vehicle Vehicle Transport

Motor vehicle Mode of transport Land vehicle Vehicle Car

Tire Motor vehicle Wheel Mode of transport Land vehicle

Motor vehicle Mode of transport Vehicle Land vehicle Automotive parking light

Tire Mode of transport Wheel Nature Automotive design

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