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Sorry this is going to be long but I think you need all the info to lend a hand, I have a 90 dodge Dakota that will start and run fine for 20 mins and the ASD relay shuts it down. If I wait 2 hours it starts up like nothing is wrong and runs for 20 mins no longer. I am getting fuel just no spark. I have disconnected the battery to clear the computer and still wont start till it has been 2 hours. Now here is what I have done thus far:

Replaced Coil
Replaced entire distributor, plus cap rotor and wires
Replaces both temp sensor and sending units
Replaced oil sending unit
Replaced computer
Replaced relays
Replaced fuel pump
There is no crank sensor
Replaced timing chain and gears

The only codes I have ever gotten are 11, 12, and 55

The truck just started doing this out of the blue and this is everything I have done to correct the issue and nothing has changed,
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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Bob Lincoln said:
Welcome to Allpar!

If this is a 1990 Dodge Dakota with V-6 or V-8, there IS a crankshaft position sensor. It's at the bellhousing on the passenger top side. Which engine is this?

Are you still getting these codes, or are they just historical?

This is a V6 3.9 and i have looked all around the bellhousing for a crank sensor and find no sign of it .i read some other threads and fornd that some with TBI have no crank sensor is that incorrect. just went and looked again and no sensor or even a hole where one would go. only codes now are 12, and 55
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