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My heater core is bad; I bypassed the core by joining the 2 coolant lines it is supplies by with a copper barbed fitting.

While in the yard I noticed that the 92's and 94's had eliminated the valve and that the coolant lines go directly from the heater core to their prospective components. Can I do this on the 90? Will it produce any sided effects. Will my computer need a pack of menthol 120's?

Ulitmately, I had never seen such a valve in an automotive heating system before and it seemed simpler to me to just eliminate it. I am not an electrical engineer or heating/air conditioning expert...I just want to simplify maintenance whenever possible.

All thoughts are welcome as I am installing the new core, I do have the valve too, I just don't understand its purpose or the merit/deficite to using or not using it.
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The heater control doors for 1991 models have a lot more insulation and seal tight. You may have a problem by not using the heater control valve on the pre-1991 models, especially if you are in a warm climate and don't want any heat mixed with your AC. Otherwise, there really shouldn't be a problem.
The purpose of the valve is to block off flow to the heater core when using the A/C, so as to reduce the burden on the A/C and make it more efficient. No harm comes from removing it. Keep it if it works; if it fails, replace or remove according to your preference and economic situation.
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