Rumors have been floating around for years about a potential supercharged Viper.

It appears that it is finally happening, but it is not a factory built package. Instead, it was developed by Arrow Racing, which has Chrysler’s permission to modify the computer programming. It will be sold at the largest Viper dealer in the country, The Viper Exchange a/k/a Tomball Dodge.


There are actually three different packages that are all "off-road use" only:
  • Computer (PCM) only.
  • Computer, heads, and fixed cam.
  • Computer and low-profile, Rootes-style supercharger.

The Stage 1 PCM only package provides a 20-25 HP boost, bringing hp to ~670hp with a boost in torque over the whole power band. The heads and cam package provides 75-80 hp peak gains, with significant gains from 3000 rpm on up, and again, a significant boost to torque throughout that RPM band.

  • Revised fuel, spark, and cam position.
  • Aggressive off-throttle exhaust note.
  • Requires minimum 93 octane fuel.
  • RPM limit raised from 6400 to 6600.
  • PCM can self learn rear end gear ratios from 3.07 to 4.10.
  • 1st to 4th gear skip shift eliminated.
  • Catalyst monitor disabled so the car can run without cat convertors without setting a CEL.
  • Air flow rationality disabled.
  • Misfire detection disabled.
  • This ECM only calibration is not intended for super chargers or turbos.

The Stage 2 Heads and fixed cam package produces approximately 733hp. It achieves this with a fixed camshaft, that deletes the VVT camshaft and function, CNC ported heads with other upgrades, ECM, and long tube headers.

  • Fixed camshaft with more duration and lift, eliminating the factory VVT camshaft system
  • Upgraded pushrods and lifters.
  • CNC ported cylinder heads with upgraded valve springs and larger diameter intake valves.
  • Specially calibrated ECM
  • American Racing long-tube headers and exhaust system.

The stage 3  package, also known as “the Sledgehammer,” brings around a 250hp gain, and it looks to be well over 200 ft/lbs of torque gain as well by utilizing a 4.3L twin screw supercharger, that pushes engine output to 900hp. Sledgehammer indeed!


The "Sledgehammer" package includes the following:
  • Hybrid twin-screw 4.3L supercharger at 6 psi of boost.
  • Custom ECU with tune.
  • American Racing long tube headers and exhaust.
  • Air to water intercooler with pump.
  • High flow fuel system upgrades.
  • Modified front cover for belt routing change for SC.
  • Front pulleys and idler system.
  • Modified front strut tower beam to clear new accessory path.
  • Custom engine coil pack covers to integrate with the supercharger.
  • SRT Dealership installation.

So, if 645 horsepower is not enough for you, it appears that the combination of the The Viper Exchange and Arrow Racing have the answer for your 2013-2015 Dodge Viper.

This has been a big week for The Viper Exchange owner Ben Keating; first, one of Vipers  he co-sponsors won the GTD class in the 24 hours of Daytona, placing 13th overall, and now this huge announcement for the Gen V owners. Ben has many reasons to smile, and has given Viper owners everywhere reason to smile as well.