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91 chrysler daytona smoking.. again..

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hey guys, i fixed the previous smoking problem by re connecting my waste gate arm to the swing valve. The smoking is now back and I am puzzled.. It is a new build with about 9,500 kilometers on it now.

It is OIL and open happens when It is warm/cold temp,
- when sitting idling for more than 45 seconds.
- Its hard to know what my pressures are like because my cluster is bad, I know because my RPMS dont work, or stuck at 5 ( bad connections, will fix soon)
- I notice That there is oil on the bottom of the turbo but do not think there is anything dripping onto it. I will investigate that further.
- I am at about 15 Psi, I was running 24PSI but turned it down for now as the car was built for 29.
-My coolant is OK, no white smoke, no sweet or bad smell
- Burns lots but If i keep the revs about 1,100, it clears right up..
- could this be turbo seals? Bad stem seals ? , bad wastegate, actuator or swing valve?
- car pulls nice, smooth,

I want to get as much feedback as I can before I start Dumping money into the problem and having it not fix anything..

I will post a video when I have time.

thanks all!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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