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Would anyone know where to find a diagram of the rear suspension? I have a chilton service manual,which is the only one the auto store here have,but it doesn't show me where my air shock hoses would go to or anything like that.

Here's what I'm dealing with. I got the car used over a year ago and was always hearing the compressor run for the rear air shocks,so I was told the shocks were bad,and of course none of the stores has the original shock,because they are outdated,but anyways Avanced Auto Parts sold me gas-a-just shocks and sine I had them installed a couple months later I started to noticed my rear was down more than my front. Well now that I've used the gas-a-just for a year,I don't like them.I went to pull a parts and got the shocks and compressor,but of course you have to cut the hoses or you'll never be able to get the shocks off. Now I'm down to the root of it. I am gonna have to get the hose kit to replace the hoses that went to it,but I need a diagram of how everything connects in the rear,so I can restore my self leveling system for my rear portion of the car.

Any suggestions or websites with diagrams,would be greatly appreciated.


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Factory service manual?
You can buy a roll of 1/8" (?) plastic air tubing and an end fitting repair kit and make your own.
Many times an air leak would develop and the compressor would then run itself until it died.

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I can just about guarantee that yard air shocks will be leaky. What you can do is inject some Slime tire sealant in them, and they'll often start holding air better. They won't be in new shock condition, but it's better than nothing.

A more permanent solution is to retrofit to normal springs and shocks from a Dynasty. However, if you have a Fifth Avenue, it'll still ride low in back. The cure is to use a 1" spacer on the springs to get it back to level.

It's still a major source of irritation to me that nobody makes proper retrofit springs for the rear on the Fifth and Imperial.

The air line routing isn't complicated. Goes from the compressor to the right shock, and then there's another line from the right shock to the left one. IIRC the upper fitting on the right shock is the one that goes to the compressor, but it really makes no difference which is used for which line.
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