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91 Dynasty 3.3 failed to shift gears

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I've owned this car for the past year and the transmission had been flawless until a couple days ago. I drove the car on the freeway for two hundred miles, parked the car for six hours and then got back on the freeway for the return trip. The car would not shift past second gear. I moved the shift lever into neutral and back into drive to make sure it was in the correct position. I was stuck on the freeway for a short time until I could exit.

I pulled into a parking lot and check the fluid level. It was ok. After a twenty minute break I drove the car around the block, first moving the shift lever from low gear up through to Drive/3rd. The tranny worked fine and the problem has not repeated since then.

Now I'm afraid to take this car on the road. What could make this tranny fail to shift intermittently?
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This all new to me. I never knew about limp mode until now. I googled it and I just got depressed. It seems like this is one of those problems that can be difficult to resolve for some people. Of course, I have to remember that the internet is full of horror stories, and people don't often write to exclaim that a car problem was fixed without complication.

I own the Actron CP9125 scanner. If that scanner cannot get the TCM codes then I'll just take it to a mechanic, I guess.

Thanks for the tips.
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