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The tempurature needle has been hovering between the midpoint and the "H" on the temp gauge lately. So I just put the car up on an incline and burped the system with the radiator cap off. I'm not really sure if there was any air in the system, but the car did just recently have the coolant flushed by the dealer service shop, so it is possible.

Anyway, while the car was up on the incline I noticed that only the passenger side fan turned on. The driver side fan never came on. I don't know anything about when the fans should be turning on, so I am asking here.

When should the fans turn on? Should they both turn on at the same time? If not, which one is first? What is the trigger for the second fan to turn on?

I don't know how to test if the driver side fan is dead, so that is why I am asking here. Thanks for any advice.

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Both should run at the same time on that car... if you have a multimeter, check the pins in the connector for the motor of the one that isn't working for continuity.

My guess is you'll find yourself having to replace that fan motor, unless you get lucky and it's just unplugged.
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