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91 New yorker ignition wont engage starter

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Hi, I am trying to fix a 91 New yorker for a friend. The car is not turning over with the ignition. Tested starter(it's good), replaced ignition switch(nothing, still wont crank), i took the cover off the starter relay in the underhood fuse box and pushed the connection closed and the car starts. so my question is it the actual key cylinder that's bad not letting the car start with the key???
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You need to measure the voltage from the battery to the relay coil. If you unplug the starter relay and turn the ignition on, both the positive terminal of the relay coil and the load side of the relay should measure 12V. The other two terminals will measure near zero volts. If you get something low like 5V at one terminal, that means that there is likely some corrosion or a loose wire somewhere in the harness. Dakotas are known to have a bad factory wiring splice, and that caused this problem for me. The relay coil in the starter wasn't getting enough voltage to close the relay. I spliced the positive coil wire to another known 12V switched wire and fixed it almost for free.
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