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91lebaron conv. key cylinder popped out

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i was suprised when yesterday my 91 lebaron conv. key cylinder popped out!

i managed to wiggle it back by pushing it in and turning key clockwise, like FSM advised.
i noticed that the "pin" that is supposed to be locking the cylinder in place was missing.
i suppose i need to go and buy new cylinder. ok.

surfed and noticed that atleast they dont offer key cylinder to 91, only to 92 and newer?
is it different in 91.

i have new more curved dashboard that came in 91 ... (with tilt wheel and analog gauges, floor shifter 3.0automatic) otherwise plain jane model

thanks a lot!
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That pin may still be in there... pull the column cover off and see if you can find it. If you do, often it can be reinstalled into the lock cylinder fairly easily.

My mother's old 1991 Fifth had that problem. The pin was just sitting there on top of the ignition switch below the hole it's supposed to lock into. I put it back in, replaced the lock cylinder, and it never had another problem with it popping out. I did have to replace the ignition switch on that car, but that's another story.
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