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92 D250 inertia switch location 5.9 Z gas motor

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Thought it would be good to know where it's at for future reference. Thanks for the info.

ACDELCO Part # D1876D More Info {#19106714, 212492}

I see this also: Auto Shut Down Relay
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Dodge doesn't even use this switch. I don't know why it's listed for this application.
Dodge does use an ASD relay.
I can't deny that I'd like more information than a single sentence answer on
Rock auto shows it under electrical switch and relay for my 92 D250 5.9 gas motor 4x2 super cab. It also shows the ASD? They call it the Electrical fuel pump inertia switch. It looks like the one my Ford Taurus has in the trunk that you can reach in and reset.

I mainly want to know this in case I got into a fender bender and then the truck wont start..........
Your truck doesn't have a fuel pump inertia switch. Fords did.
Correct. No such switch ever used by Chrysler. If the car stalls/engine dies, the ASD relay opens and the fuel pump shuts off. But there is no inertia switch. Repair the car and off you go.
I can't deny that I'd like more information than a single sentence answer on
ImperialCrown IS ;)
There is no such critter on your 92 Dodge truck. never had it. Does have the ASD relay-it is not an inertia switch. The ASD relay controls 12volt supply to the fuel relay to feed the fuel pump. Has for years....
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