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92 Shadow A/C and accessories issues

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Hey everyone. I have a 92 Shadow with a 2.2 and 87k on it. I am having some electical issues and was wondering if someone can help. The problem started with charging up my A/C the other day. The car took freon and the A/C was working great. The next day, I went to start the car, and these weren't working: the turn signals, blower motor, rear window defroster, radio, and the airbag light was on. I drove it to work that way. After about 4 or 5 hours of it sitting at work, I went to start the car and everything starting working again, except my A/C. I push the button, and the A/C compressor won't even turn on. If anyone has any ideas on this, I would appreciate the help.

Some history: I replaced the battery a few days ago, and before that, I had a code 37, not sure if that's related to my issue or not. All 4 ground wires check out ok, and they are all intact.
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Thanks for the reply. Although, it hasn't had the ignition issue act up since I posted this a few days ago, the A/C is still won't work. My dad, who is a Toyota tech, used a recovery and fill machine they use at the dealership. At the start of last summer, he used the machine to recharge the A/C. Turns out, the machine was malfunctioning at that time, and even though it said it was charged, it only added a few ounces of freon instead. A/C worked great for about an hour, then the A/C just kept getting warmer and warmer. I didn't worry about it because I was having other issues with the Shadow, so I parked it for a while. I had another car I drove then.

This year, before the ignition issue, my dad recharged the A/C and used a set of gauges he has and added freon until it was full and it was almost empty from the last year. All the pressures were ok and the A/C worked great. It lasted most of the day, until I had the accessory issue. I guess it is possible it has a leak, but, if the freon leaked out that fast, I would think the leak would have been seen while he was charging it, or at least heard it hiss out.
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