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'92 Spirit questions and problems.

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Hello all!
New to this forum, but not to Mopars!
I recently inherited my moms '92 Spirit, which only has 101K on it now, and I would like to do some changes and repairs. It is the Spirit SE, so it has the 3.0 and all power options. Hope to get it repainted sometime soon, as the paint is starting to peel and flake off. :(
Aside from that, its in good shape, with almost no rust. I would like help on a couple issues though....

1) The fog lights only come on with the headlamps, and I would like them to come on with just the parking lamps if possible.
I have seen the 93-98 Mustangs have the same set-up, but can change 2 pins in an elec. connector around to facilatate use of the fog
lamps with just the parking lamps. Any ideas??
2) The power locks will only work to unlock the doors, but not lock them. This is from both switches, so I don't think thats the problem...I'm thinking it might be the relay. Can't find anything in the manual for the power locks!! Any idea where relay is for this car? :frusty:
3) Any small performance upgrade anyone can recommend for the 3.0?

Thanks for any input!!
Jim :excited:
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I speculated on the use of the 3.0 updated and modernized to replace the 2.5L V6 that was used in the Cloud cars, but I never went anywhere with that speculation. Both the 3.0 V6 and 2.5 V6 were Mitsubishi-sourced and apparently were the same engine family. That could mean things like heads might interchange. If the later engines got better heads but had the same head-to-block and intake-to-head patterns then that could possibly help you.

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Welcome to Allpar!
In regards to the fog lamps, this may be a fairly easy task of installing some jumpers on the back of the headlight switch. Get yourself a good set of service manuals, with wiring diagrams. They'll be invaluable to doing repairs, and have accurate information, unlike the Haynes/Chiltons manuals, which sometimes don't do so well on accuracy. The wiring diagrams in particular are extremely valuable in chasing down faults.
Some variant of the 6G7x (may have been the 6G73) family was twin-turbocharged. This will pose a whole host of problems, but it could probably be done. I've also seen a guy on Youtube running nitrous in a 3.0. I wouldn't recommend that though. Look around and see what kind of goodies you can get, particularly at the Stealth. I've heard that the Stealth had better manifolds.
The only major failure point of your car (aside from valve seals, but that's more of an annoyance than anything) is the transmission, which will fail rapidly if improper fluid is used. ONLY USE ATF+4 IN ANY A604 OR 41TE TRANSMISSION. Otherwise, you should expect good, reliable service out of the powertrain. If the correct fluid is used, the A604 is a very nice and reliable box. I've said in the past that the 6G72/A604 was an above average engine and powertrain. Not as reliable as the 2.5/A413, but certainly much more refined. The deciding factor is maintenance. Don't let things go, especially oil changes, and you can expect a long service life for your vehicle.
Also, it's perfectly fine that you posted here, but we do have our EEK subforum, which covers all of the '81-'95 Chrysler-built FWD cars (i.e. not captive imports). You might find you get a quicker response there; it's one of our most active subforums.
Happy motoring!

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Being a Spirit, there can be an A604 (4 speed) or A670 (3 speed) behind the 3.0. The 3 speed is tougher and saps less of the engine's power.
Forget the DOHC heads as you won't find an ignition system that supports them short of an aftermarket engine control of some sorts.
There aren't any real upgrades that will boost your performance much unless you want to drop lots of money on it.

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IIRC, you might get a small boost from a better intake setup (with a K&N) and a bigger exhaust. Some people also grab bigger throttle bodies off minivans in the junkyard. Focus on regular maintenance, and the 3.0 should be a solid engine for you. It has good low-end torque and unless you have a heavy accelerator foot, it runs smooth/quiet and gives surprisingly good fuel mileage.

At 101k, you might want to think about changing the timing belt if it hasn't been replaced already. Replacing the spark plugs and checking the plug wires and rotor wouldn't hurt either. Transmission fluid/filter is a must if you don't know when it was done last. A new PCV valve is a good idea, and you should check that little PCV vacuum hose to make sure it isn't hardened/brittle. The only other issue my 3.0 gave me over the years (not counting the omnipresent oil burning/leakage) was stalling due to a dirty throttle body.

EDIT: Oh, and I had to replace the thermostat a few times. You'll notice when it takes a long time to warm up and throws code 17.

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I don't know about aftermarket exhaust options, but not too many years ago my Spirit broke off the exhaust pipe ahead of the catalytic muffler. I thought it would be kind of neat checking out how much more power I could get with "free-er" exhaust. No matter how I tried things, the 3.0 did not seem noticeably more powerful. I do however keep extremely meticulous fuel mileage records, using the same course, same (non) density of traffic, no wind, same temp, checked tire pressure, used same gas pump, ad infinitum. Danged thing did not give me seemingly one tenth of a mile per gallon better mileage. What a disappointmnt.

Also drove the car to the auto parts store (80 miles) sans air filter element on a rainy day down here. Same thing. I wish I could have seen an improvement somewhere.

A V-6 3.0 in good shape, with correct smog and tune is not slow. I did find my car is incredibly finicky about fuel. Not especially octane but without using Chevron or Techron or Shell with the urea additive the mileage gradually slumps FIVE (It ain't a misprint) miles per gallon, the engine bucks, hesitates and stalls. Mitsubishi engine forums were full of chatter about this cranky habit. Down here it took me years to find out Pemex Premium is Shell Oil premium from the Deer Park Texas Shell Pemex joint venture refinery. It does the job.
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