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Hey guys, first post on the forums :thumbsup:

To start, I am the proud owner of a 93 New Yorker Fifth Avenue. I've had this car since 2007, and up until now, it's been very good to me. Recently, the ABS hydraulic junk system took a crap, causing me to lose power assist. The pump had been running almost non-stop for about a year until it finally just quit. Luckily, nothing was hit because of it and I was able to get home in one piece! I am well aware of the numerous recalls on the system, and how faulty/unreliable it is in general. The car apparently had the entire hydraulic unit replaced by a previous owner in 1998 under the extended 100,000 mile coverage. I'm not positive, but I think the pump motor and accumulator are covered for the lifetime of the car. Correct me if I am wrong on that..

Now, heres my real question on this..

In searching for prices and parts and trying to talk to different Chrysler/Dodge dealers in the area, I have discovered that the entire process of repairing this system is a general pain in the [I should have my mouth washed out with soap for using such terms]! I know some cars can be converted over to traditional vaccuum power assist with ABS delete, but I'm not sure if this can be done on my specific car. If it can, how hard of a job is it? Cost? Time to complete? Also, are there any detalied instructions on the conversion process anywhere? Or, has anybody here done this conversion themselves that can point me in the right direction on what parts and tools are needed? I've searched high and low and have yet to come across instructions on this conversion process anywhere. I'd much rather convert it over to the standard vaccuum assist setup than repair this faulty hydraulic pump thing and have problems with it again in the future, as I'm sure I would.

I really, really do not want to get rid of this car as it's been nothing but reliable over the years, and is in very good shape in general. So, please do not advise me to junk it or part it out or anything like that. Any and all info and advice is greatly appreciated!!!
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