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93 Dodge ram 1500 starter cranks fast and wont fire up

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I have a 1993 dodge ram 1500 pickup with automatic transmission and a 318 engine. The problem is that every once and a while the starter will crank really fast but not start up, When it cranks at normal speed it fires up but on occassion like 1 0r 2 times a week it will crank really fast but will not start and the funny thing is if i let it sit for 2 hours or so then it will fire up.
I have already changed the starter and the crank sensor and the battery. I havent changed pIugs yet because my mechanic said if its not missing while its running its not the plugs. I cant figure this out and ive stumped my mechanic also. Any help would be extremely appreciated.
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Welcome to Allpar. Wet or dry plugs may still offer an important clue, but only when it is acting up.
As with any 'cranking, but not firing issue', try to determine whether spark and/or fuel is missing. A helper may be necessary when checking for spark.
Try a no-start compression test to compare with a starting compression test?
Try to determine if it's actually turning over when cranking fast, or is the starter just spinning?
When it starts does it run OK?
Actually turning over, but not starting could indicate low compression, however since it's not a VVT engine, an explanation is needed for why it would turn freely one time and not the next, yet maintain perfect timing.
ImperialCrown is about the best there is when it comes to keyboard diagnosis.
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