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93 Mitsu Mighty Max

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I purchased a 93 Mitsu Mighty Max this weekend for $300. The truck was for sale about 4 years ago on our lot on base for $2500 ( I am in the Coast Guard). The owner wouldn't budge on the price and I didn't have that much cash on hand so I passed on it. A few weeks later I see one of our officers driving the truck, he paid $1400 for it?! I told him that when he no longer wanted the truck to give me a call. Friday I got an email from him saying the engine has a knock in the bottom end and it would need a new engine. It has the 2.4 4 cylinder. I have a 318 and 904 from my 81 Mirada CMX in storage. So now the project has begun, it may take awhile since the truck is in North Carolina where I am stationed and the engine and transmission are back home in Florida in my parents garage. Until I get ready for the engine swap I am going to swap the badges and grill over to a Dodge D50, replace the interior, upgrade the suspension, and paint it satin black with Mopar Blue pin striping. The body is near perfect (small dings) and everything works (except for the knocking) The truck can be driven if you keep it below 2000RPM so I can move it around pretty easily. I am not a mechanic so I am going to need a little bit of help with this one. I am hoping I can find junk yard parts from a Dakota to make things easier. I have already chatted with Rich Ehrenberg from Mopar Action Magazine and he told me I will most likely have to move the radiator but other than that it is a straight forward swap (motor mounts, cross members, pedals and shifter)