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94 Concorde: Interior options?

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Hi everybody

Last summer I purchased a 94 Concorde. I spoke of this car in another thread about the transaxle and Lucas transmission treatment,

Anyway, the car has been a terrific daily driver, starts great in a cold Edmonton AB winter and has gobs of wonderful heat for a comfy ride on the coldest winter days.
One thins that struck me as the 2 tone coloring of the interior. My interior is a light brown/beige with a black dash, a-pillar trim and steering wheel. While searching thru the boneyards for replacement vents for the heater outlets at the back of the console, I found that there was not another LH car to be seen with the same interior color scheme and I searched over literally hundreds of these cars.
Does anybody know just how common this color scheme was? I have yet to find another 1'st generation LH car with the same interior. This has made replacing the broken vents at the back of the console quite impossible, as I cannot find a color match.

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Tan/Camel and Gray/Agate interior colors were popular. The black A-pillar, dash and column trim almost sound like a base or fleet-duty model.
Do you know any of the car's past history? I have no idea how common or uncommon these interior trim color combinations were.
Maybe explore further salvage yards for Intrepids, Concordes, New Yorkers or Visions? The LHS may be the same? Many yards post their vehicle inventory on their website.
This sales brochure would cover production color combinations and availability:

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I checked ALL of those cars for a color match. None like it at 3 different bone yards. The car was originally purchased new in the Vancouver, BC area and lived there until 2005, accumulating approximately 90,000 kilometers in that 10 year time period. According to Chrysler, all recalls were done except for one regarding driver side seat rails breaking. I took the car in for that recall just last September because my seat rails were indeed broken. The car has definitely had very light, gentle use from all conditions I have seen. It doesn't seem, to me, to be a typical fleet car. Alloy 16" wheels. It's white with grey lower body panels, like in my profile picture/avatar. In my experience, fleet vehicles follow a strict "form follows function" approach, equipped as well as needed for the tasks required and rarely more than that. I wonder if anybody at Chrysler would reveal that information. They would know best.

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You can find it if you are patient, it may not be as common with darker paint schemes, but more or less the ones with lighter paint schemes on the outside, like light blue, and white, teal, these colors would contrast better to that interior, but all in all then you just have to be patient and look, one always pops up when you least expect it, these cars are aging so people are less likely to spend money on them to take care of them like how they are supposed to, so they usually end up in the wreakers real fast, I had the same dash color to my girlfriends concorde which was a 94 with the light blue and grey bottom so I know the color well. It seems more rare because those cars are not on the road as much, and I think people prefered darker color paint tones on the car with the blk/gry dash combo going with it. Wouldn't quote me on it but I think that it what it is.

Our 97 is plumb rose or something and it has the blk/gry, so did my 93/97 intrepids
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