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'94 Shadow ES

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Went to use my wipers this morning, turned the swtich and nothing. :thumbsdown:

They worked fine a few moments ago. Good thing I was close to home and didn't really need them.

A check of the fuse, it was good. I even swapped fuses just to be sure.

So the problem is either the switch, the wiring, or the wiper motor.

I do have spare motors. But a spare switch? :(

Mopar wants $105 and change with my father's employee discount.
AZ wants $58.99

Can any tell me is there a module for the wipres I'm not aware of and could possibly the problem?
Or just suck it up and buy a new switch?

I can hear the windshield washer operating when the end of the switch is depressed so I know that part of the switch still functions. For what it's worth.
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Some auto parts stores will check the motor for you. Call ahead to check.
I've had one motor burn out in 30 something years and I've had one where the ground strap on the mounting bolt got corroded and it was just not making a ground connection.
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