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94 Sundance turnsignel oddities

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Signel lights just never seem to work for me. It's usually a bulb problem in the back, but thats been fine since I've replaced the bulb housing.

-ALL lights work.
-Flasher unit is new
-Headlights work

Now to the problem:

The passenger side lights do not flash, the stay on. It get's better than this: they come on with the headlights and stay on! But when the headlights are on and you use the passengers side turn signel: they GO OFF! Gah!

It must be the stalk, and spraying it with craig deoxit did not help. Is there a guide to tearing one of these off and possibly fixing it? Or will this take a trip to the local pick and pull?
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For your iac code, check the wires running along the valve cover above the intake. I just had to repair all 4 wires on my 90 acclain last night as it was idling at 2000 rpm. Found all 4 wires melted together and shorting. also found the wires to the tb temp sensor melted, repaired those too.
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