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94 Talon 1.8

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Just bought my daughters (twins--please pray for my nerves) a 94 Talon, 127K, 1.8 with a cracked head. Got it cheap, has 3K worth of wheels and tires that I would love to sell and put stockers back on it. Long story short, it is like so new inside, you would be hard pressed to tell it was ever driven by the teacher that owned it. Anyway, just finished replacing the head on the 1.8 Bits-o-sushi, and got the water out of the oil, etc. Still has a noticeable tick in the bottom, but not bad. Great oil pressure. I have a couple ?? as I am not overly familiar with these cars yet. First, can the front to rear bar that runs under the oil pan and mounts the engine be removed for pan access if I do decide to put bearings in, and second, the tranny fluid is old and a little dark, so I am going to do a F&F on it tonight. Only "problem" the trans has exhibited is a delay in engaging first from neutral, but is also way overfilled. Related, or should I brace myself for a tranny soon?

My girls are stoked about the car, really dark green, black roof, great condition, cost me a grand to buy and $480 to fix. I think I did good, but need a bit of handholding as it is my first Mitsubishi design. (I know it is DSM of Ilinois plant, but the design is Bits-O-Sushi)
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Do you feel that the failure is mechanical or hydraulic?
What were the symptoms of how it quit?

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Stopped pulling in forward gears, and sounds like it has a hydraulic leak, though full of fluid. May just be a blown seal. Reverse is fine. Slow to engage forward anyway when I got it. Reverse was fine. I think it is an Aisin tranny. Motor runs great. May just sell it. Interior is MINT. Exterior is real nice too.
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