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95 caravan stumbles and dies

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I just got my close friend a 95 caravan from a friend at church she lives in NC I'm in sc, anyway she had discovered last week that it would stumble and die sometimes at idle sometimes while driving long distance (hr long or so) it has a mild skip and kinda rough idle, it throws the codes 12,21,23, during the long runs light stays on, I have read the o2 sensor can kill the engine if bad, that I'd a first for me hearing that, based on the info I have and codes I have does anybody have a similar situation and solutions? A direction I can go in without Throwing parts at it anyet information that can help me help her is greatly appreciated :)
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What engine? What mileage on the van? How long since the last tune up?

A bad O2 sensor can kill any engine - running too rich dilutes the oil with unburned gasoline which can damage the engine.
Are you sure there was a code 23? Usually the codes start with 12 and end with 55.
Code 12 is insignificant. It is set any time another code is set. Ignore code 12 and do a tune up. It may need an O2 sensor but there could be other reasons for code 12. I'm not sure that 23 is a valid code for that van, but it could be since it's the 4 cylinder.
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