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95 caravan stumbles and dies

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I just got my close friend a 95 caravan from a friend at church she lives in NC I'm in sc, anyway she had discovered last week that it would stumble and die sometimes at idle sometimes while driving long distance (hr long or so) it has a mild skip and kinda rough idle, it throws the codes 12,21,23, during the long runs light stays on, I have read the o2 sensor can kill the engine if bad, that I'd a first for me hearing that, based on the info I have and codes I have does anybody have a similar situation and solutions? A direction I can go in without Throwing parts at it anyet information that can help me help her is greatly appreciated :)
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And** stupid auto correct
Yeah intake air temp sensor and o2 sensor and battery disconnected memory lost within last 50-100 starts
I shot carb cleaner in it a couple times it had
Sato for a few years also
It has a minor skip I'm planning on plugs and wiresources soon
Yeah I'm going to do the o2, next week I found one for 17.00 , I hope it's what is killing the engine if I think of anything else that is going on IL be sure to post it, thanks for the help valiant67 and ka9yhd!
Based on my experience with my ol' 95, the fuel filter would be the first thing I'd change.
DID that last weekend she drove it shortly after, and same thing happened, but to my knowledge not sense
I just looked through the service manual for my 92 Grand Voyager and I do not see a code 23 listed.
12 is something about battery being disconnected and 55 is end of message.

If it has factory ignition wires then you will see a date code on them, such as 1-14 which is for the wires I recently purchased at the dealer.

As for the throttle body make sure you clean out the bore and edges of the throttle plate with an old tooth brush and throttle body cleaner, then hose out the bypass port for the AIS valve, and any vacuum passages.
How do I clean out the vacuum passages, seafoam?
1 - 10 of 19 Posts
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