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95chryslercirrus said:
Well, my interior light dimmer quit working. After a year of it flickering the interior lights when I would use the blinkers, it finally gave out. It's too bright! It hurts my eyes to drive at night since it is on full brightness. Took apart the dimmer switch and found nothing. Cleaned and re-greased the combo switch and internal connections to no avail. What my question is, is there a light dimmer controller that receives resistance through the dimmer switch that in turn dims the lights? Or is it directly wired to the lights through the switch like a potentiometer? I don't wanna drop $200 on a combo switch replacement before checking to see if there is a controller or wiring issue. Any advice? Thanks!!
well its a multi function switch on the calume right? well I have a 1999 sebring and I went down to pick a part and they got all kinds of Chryslers there if u got one in your town call and see if they got your year make and modle that's what I did and got everything I needed even a tail light assembly for only 12.00 dollars at my job parts wonted 175.00 lol cool yeah
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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