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95 Intrepid Temperature Sensor? Rad fans run constantly

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The rad fan on my 95 Intrepid 3.3 seems to run almost constantly - even right after you start the motor (and with a/c off). Very rarely they will be silent - almost the opposite of what they should be. Relays are not stuck - it does not come on immediately but after 30 secs or so and the relays are clicking and I tried relay swaps. I tried different PCM have a spare. I replaced the temp sensor last year with an aftermarket - thought I kept the original one but cannot find it. Resistance on the temp sensor cold is about 8.2k ohms. Does anyone know if this is correct? Wondering if the after market unit is iffy. I overheated this car badly 4 years ago when the first rad fan quit - I am wondering how long this one will last before it seizes running full time. Any ideas? No related codes last I checked - been on this for months... If I pull one of the rad fan relays it will sense that and kick in the other speed. Thanks.
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Look for a radiator fan control module on the rad fan assembly. The hi/lo relays may not feed the fans directly, but instead feed into this module.
If the module has shorted, the fans would run all the time. Generally this module is only serviced in the rad fan assembly.

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According to the FSM in this car the relays do control the motor fans directly - I know what you mean - our minivans had a little module on the side, but on this one there is just wires. I did find in my 99 T&C FSM the spec for its temp sensor which I expect is same (the 95 refers to a diagnostic manual I do not have) - the temp sensor seems to be within spec - although the spec is loose. Also checked it on a warm engine and that was also in spec. Furthermore the temp guage reads as it always has - which the FSM also says is controlled by the same sensor. If I unplug the sensor or either of the fan or the AC clutch relays I get a code right away and check engine with the temp sensor. Its a strange one. The only thing I can think of is that the PCM thinks the AC is on all the time... but the AC only runs (yes it still works!!) as it should. Thinking I may disable the slow speed relay (I have an intermittent starter relay - cut off a contact pin) to see if it will run ok with just high speed fans. A bandaid I know - but my propensity to spend money on this beater is limited.
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