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'96 3.0L Water Pipes done!

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The job wasn't near as bad as I expected. You do need to completely remove the exhaust crossover pipe to allow the tube running under the intake to tilt upwards and come out.

That said ... upon further review, I would have been good with new o-rings. The rust build-up on the pipes was marginal and I think a good seal could have been established. You can't properly inspect the innermost tube unless you literally pull it out so I opted to spend the $70 and buy new tubes.

All is well in SoFla and I got it done before Isaac's bad weather hits us!
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Good deal Ray! I found the crossover pipe a little tough to get off when I did the job. I also found that the groove for the O-ring can get a build up of rust possibly making it tough to get a good seal.

I'm sure the new tubes will more than last the life of your vehicle. :)

Thanks for the report. I'm hoping the storm goes west of us.

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John, at 8PM Sunday, Isaac is tracking west off our coast. The forecasts of wind & rain get smaller with each passing hour. The chance of Isaac spawning tornados to us is nearly nil.
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