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96 Caravan ES 3.8L

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I have noticed this 96 Caravan ES 3.8L that has been sitting out of commission for 8 months. Owners diagnosis was bad computer,wiring and cam/crank PS. The body is in great shape along with interior. I took a stab at it and found bad wiring repairs and no computer installed. They said their tech never got that far to install and proceed.... porbably due to $$$ restrictions or not pursuing repairs after this was replaced with a small car..

Using the wiring diagram for a 96, I discovered their jumper wiring was responsible for some issues. After reconnecting original wiring anbd disposing their jumpers the reconditioned computer provided was reconnected. IT fired,ran rough and stalled. Codes indicated Crank,TPS & MAP. Wiring checked,repaired and sensors replaced as req'd. IT ran and reved without dying. I left for the day. The owner( single Mom @ 2 kids I assume) drove it today & gassed it up ,was delighted and expressed her appreciation. Why her techs couldn't do this is beyond me!!!! She still wants to sell. I was just going to pay it forward for her if she needed to change her mind as this was a puzzle worth solving. I plan on a test drive to see road performance,transmission ,braking , handling etc.

Considering its shape @ 240,.000km fully loaded and everything currently working... any areas specific to this model I should focus on... especially after having it sit for 8 months in the dampness?

This 96 ES Caravan 3.8L (early production) model has ABS, which I've never had before.along with keyless entry and factory security.

Are there any checks for that A604 problem prone tranny @ 240,000km? Were there any other weakness or issues this model was prone to?

Your thoughts would be apppreciated.
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