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96 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.0L w/ A670 trans has the 2-3 flare

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I realize this has been kicked around for years but I need help here.

I have changed the dirty fluid/filter and put in (flushed to 12 qts) new Castrol atf+4.

I have adjusted the throttle pressure linkage for a light throttle 1-2 shift at 18 mph but shift 2-3 still has a small flare at 31 mph with positive grab into 3rd. Heavier throttle reveals less or no flare and much higher (50-55 mph) shift into 3rd.

There is a Chrysler bulletin for this issue: Number 21.23.95 where they change the VALVE BODY part no 4659879, the kickdown brkt part no 4669863,and fluid.

My 2 Questions are: What was modified in the valve body that cured the flare issue? I want to do this mod to my valve body.
Is there a different brkt that I should be using for kickdown? Wondering if it is different.

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Welcome to Allpar. I'm not finding any record of this TSB 21-23-95 on DealerConnect or Google. Being a 1995 bulletin, it would have to be early 1996 but I can't find it anywhere.
The valve body 4659879 supersedes to R4567993AC and one is shown on the part depts shelf at Glendale Motors in WV. The bracket 4669863 supersedes to 4669863AB and no dealers stock it any longer.
If the kickdown linkage is free and the return spring is there and the linkage is adusted correctly, then the problem may lie inside the transaxle. Specifically toasted clutches and seals. If the fluid and filter was very dirty, that 'dirt' may have been clutch material.

  1. Perform transaxle throttle pressure adjustment while engine is at normal operating temperature.
  2. Loosen adjustment swivel lock screw.
  3. To insure proper adjustment, swivel must be free to slide along flat end of throttle rod. Disassemble and clean or repair parts to assure free action, if necessary.
  4. Hold transaxle throttle lever firmly toward engine, against its internal stop. Tighten swivel lock screw to 11 N·m (100 in. lbs.)
  5. The adjustment is finished and linkage backlash was automatically removed by the preload spring.
  6. If lubrication is required see Group 0, Lubrication.
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Imperial Crown,

I have the van 3.0 with the 31th trans but the bulletin is from 95, 96 Neon w/ 31th as linked below:

I notice that the flare ends with a positive grab to 3rd gear- no slide into 3rd. It reminds me of a flat shift with much less throttle. This leads me to believe something is wrong in the valve body. This is further reinforced with the availability of the Shift Correction Package 404-670 Kit for Chrysler. This kit is a modify to the body only.

The fluid was dark red and plenty of sludge to clean out of the pan and magnet but the filter did not appear filthy.

I appreciate if you can comment further on this situation.

That TSB probably doesn't apply to your vehicle, I was looking under 1996 minivan bulletins. Neon was a similar A-413 transaxle, the 3.0L minivan was an A-670.
You can try a valve body repair or replacement, but a road test with a transmission rebuilder may shed some more light on the next course of action to take. They would probably have to write up a repair order for their employee to take the vehicle for a drive with you on a public road. Ask for a diagnosis and estimate for now.
I still have my doubts that the valve body is the problem, but a road test with an expert may offer a more educated opinion.
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