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96 GC gas pedal restriction / and weird dash lite prob

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I have a 3.0 auto tran which gets fed fluid too often ..leak is way to hard to get to,, so when recently I try to get on it a little its like a block under the gas pedal...It will after some time respond but when cold no way..!
also.. unrelated,,////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// dash brake warning light is on with no brake issues beyond a stuck emerg brake cable. had a line put in recently and then a month later the dash light goes on then off after a bit, first intermittently then last week it would not go out at all..? very disturbing as inspec comes soon!!
thanks in advance Marge
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An ATF leak may require a degreasing to see where it is coming from. Maybe pan gskt reseal or loose cooler hose clamps?
Is the gas pedal physically sticking while being pushed down or is it a hesitation? Inspect the throttle body and kickdown linkage motion for binding with a helper pushing the gas pedal. You probably don't need it running for this.
Low brake fluid in the m/cyl may cause a red BRAKE warning lamp to turn on.
The p/brake cable sticking may also keep the light on if the p/brake pedal has dropped down. This may also be a part of state inspection. If you release and pull the p/brake pedal up, does the light go out?

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My '96 3.0L with a 3-speed auto trans had the o-ring on the front pump leaking. Upon the advice of John Wood, I pulled it, cleaned it thoroughly, and applied a bead of high-temp gasket sealer around the pump mounting. Problem solved.
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