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96 sohc neon high idle when clutch depressed

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I recently installed a used cylinder head on my 96 sohc neon, and since the idle is around 1300 rpms per the tach. When driving and the clutch is depressed the rpm's jump to 2000 and will stay there until the next gear is engaged or the car rolls to a complete stop. When I had the intake off I cleaned throttle body and the iac pintle as they were badly carbon coated, in doing so I had the tps removed, but believe I have it re-installed correctly. I have searched for vacuum leaks with no resolve. Any help would be appreciated.
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Vacuum leaks would have been my first thought. Look for a high TPS signal voltage or a sticking IAC?
A scan tool may help in diagnosing this. Any mechanical sticking at the throttle plate or cable?
Check for vacuum leaks with a water spray bottle and listening for speed/hiss changes?
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