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97 cirrus 2.5 stalling

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so I pick up this cirrus drove fine first day . Next day in the morning I turned it on . About a minute went by and it shut it self off . Thought maybe it sat awhile before I bought it . So drove it to work and with in 25 minutes came to a light and it shut off at the light .started right up . Still doing the same thing . Replaced the alternator because it failed voltage regulator. Swapped the auto shut off relay . Cleaned the throttle body and cleaned the iac . No change . No codes no lights on dash . Any ideas ?
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The coil is inside the distributor. The early Mitsubishi distributors were known for failure. It may not leave fault codes behind, but a good scan too can tell you whether the cam sensor or crank sensor signal is lost or missing while it's in no-start cranking. Diagnose first.
Unfortunately the distributor is the first thing I thought of.
mechanic says timing chain ?
Time for a new mechanic? It’s got a timing belt, not a timing chain. What makes the mechanic suspect the timing chain/belt?
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