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97 cirrus 2.5 stalling

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so I pick up this cirrus drove fine first day . Next day in the morning I turned it on . About a minute went by and it shut it self off . Thought maybe it sat awhile before I bought it . So drove it to work and with in 25 minutes came to a light and it shut off at the light .started right up . Still doing the same thing . Replaced the alternator because it failed voltage regulator. Swapped the auto shut off relay . Cleaned the throttle body and cleaned the iac . No change . No codes no lights on dash . Any ideas ?
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My observations are based on having a '97 Sebring and a '99 Cirrus. The 2.5l does not like to set codes for stalling issues and makes trouble-shooting difficult.

If the stalling problem occurs only when coming to a stop, I would suspect the IAC. I have found it is not really possible to clean the IAC so a replacement is likely in order. I would not suspect the TPS at this time.

If the stalling occurs at other times, I would suspect the crankshaft position sensor or the camshaft position sensor (part of the distributor). The fact that no codes are showing points to the crank position sensor as it is responsible to detect misfires and set codes.

If replacing the distributor, cardone is the most reliable. If replacing the crank position sensor, use OEM only. I have had numerous problems with auto part store units.

Once the stalling issue is resolved, then move on to the 'odd self acceleration' issue.
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