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Definitely helps to make sure the rear drums are adjusted correctly - especially if they are drums. In theory the adjuster is suppose to automatically work anytime you backup and then brake, however, many drivers don't brake hard enough in reverse for the adjuster to work properly so over time the rears get out of proper adjustment.

Many years ago I thought the brakes on my '92 Acclaim were worn out. Took it into the shop (a very good friend owned it) and he found the front pads (disc) were fine - only half worn. The rear drums were way out of adjustment. He adjusted them and it felt like I had new brakes all the way around.

Don't complain about only 31K miles. Many '09 and '10 Journey owners didn't even get 15K miles before the pads and rotors were shot. Had to replace the front pads on our '09 had 22K miles. Chrysler eventually reimbursed me in full.

The brakes on our '00 T&C Ltd AWD didn't last long either. One set barely got 25K on them. The last set was from Firestone and they had at least 40K so they must have used quality pads and rotors. Helped that the van had discs front and rear. Keep in mind the 3rd generation minivans ('96-'00) are on the heavy side - mine weighed in at 4,340 empty.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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