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97 LHS blower motor stuck on high

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My 97 LHS has the blower motor stuck on high
I replaced the engine & after the install the blower motor all of a sudden came on & stayed on high (high only)
I had the key on & was checking voltage readings when all of a sudden the blower came on high & stayed on.
Blower comes on high when the key is turned on & stays on high even if the off buttom is pushed on the climate control panel (the only way to turn it off is to shut the car off or pull the fuse to the blower motor).
Is there a way to fix this?
Do I have to get another climate control panel?
The fan speed control on the climate control panel doesn't change the speed of the blower (even in auto mode)
Nothing was unplugged or spliced or even messed with during the install of the motor & the climate control worked fine before this happened
Thanks for any & all help
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Were all ground wires reconnected when the engine was replaced? Bad grounds can cause all kinds of problems with electronics.

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The only real way to diagnose the ATC is with a scan tool (DRB III or equivilent). These have a solid state blower control module instead of a resistor to vary fan speed.
Have you tried resetting the module logic with a battery disconnect/reconnect?

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I don't know about the first gen cars, but the second gen cars with ATC, you can press three buttons at the same time and the ATC panel will spit out the codes. If I remember correctly, you press the defroster and the floor heat and bi-level buttons at the same time. I only wish my blower were stuck on high as mine does nothing at all. I got an ambient temperature sensor code from the ATC panel, but apparently based on what I've seen on some of the other LH forums the blower motor resistor can go bad and be stuck on high. Or in my case, put out no air at all from the fan.
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