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Welcome to Allpar. It does sound like a poor connection or high resistance is causing the 12 volts to drop when a load is placed on it or that the purge solenoid return wire is grounded all the time.
The 12 volts into the purge solenoid is supplied on the Gn/Wt wire from fuse #10 (15A) in the underhood fuse/relay box (PDC). This circuit also supplies the t/converter lock-up clutch solenoid, LDP (leak detection pump), EGR transducer solenoid and fused ign into the PCM. If these other components are receiving good power, then there may be a high resistance in splice S109 or more likely a grounded return wire from the solenoid back to the PCM.
The PCM turns the purge solenoid on and off (a duty cycle)through the ground-side of the solenoid, a Pk/Bk wire. This wire should not read chassis ground, I believe that you have a pinched or rubbed-through wire if this is the case.
The hoses sound OK, one side is manifold vacuum switched by the solenoid and the other comes from the charcoal canister.
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