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97 Plymouth Voyager 3.0

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I have been having some issues lately with my van. Now I'm not all to great when it comes to dealing with cars although I did just manage to install a starter for the first time and fixed my issue with the solenoid locking up and causing the starter to continue to run. I have also repaired other little things with the help of google but now I have managed to run into a problem and can't seem to figure it out. Over the past few days my van has been doing something rather strange. After starting it up the engine will run rough. I guess it sounds almost most like it's clogged up and the vehicle gets shaky. When I accelerate the shaking increases but decreases as the faster I go. After driving for awhile the shaking will stop but usually comes back the next time I start the car. The shaking does not always happen and so far I haven't managed to find any relation between the shaking and the temp of the engine so I think that has nothing to do with it. I seen a few people have a similar problem a few minutes after starting the car but in there case it doesn't seem to stop like mine does.

The check engine light does not come on but the airbag light is on although I highly doubt it has anything to do with the problem. Also, I would like to not the engine does not always run rough after every start. If it's going to act up it seems to happen right at start up and if it doesn't then the car runs smooth with no issues. I could drive for hours as long as with no problem as long as the car didnt start up with the rough engine issue. One other thing I did notice was for about 2 seconds the other the the car seemed to jerk forward as I was accelerating. Almost as if I was pressing and releasing the gas pedal but it only happened for a couple of seconds. any idea what could be causing this issue would be greatly appreciated.