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'97 Ram Van 3500 Headlamps

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I am tired of polishing the headlamps on my '97 Ram Van 3500. Lasts for a year, maybe 2 at best, but I think I'm ready for a new set. The dealer wants $350 apiece; Auto Zone can get them for $145 each and Car Quest will give me a discount asking $122 each.

I have questions! First, will these need annual polishing after a few years like the original? Is there a better choice (without spending more?) Is there a GOOD choice while spending less???

How difficult is the installation?

I'm not comfortable ordering online because too many sites sell lights for the Ram 3500 not indicating where it is the Van or Pickup truck (and the headlamps are not the same, I think!)

So, any thoughts, suggestions, etc.?
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Welcome to Allpar. With polycarbonate plastics and road spray, the dulling will probably eventually occur again. Many headlamp restorer kits also include a finishing coat of what smells like acrylic to protect against future UV and fine abrasive particle damage. Parking out of the sun can help.
I have no experience with aftermarket suppliers so I can't really comment on that, except that I expect them to be as cheaply made as possible. As long as they meet DOT lighting standards they can be sold here. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

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After a small fender bender of an SUV clipping my van in a parking lot, the collision place put in a new headlamp assembly. Boy, it was super for about 2 years. Now, it's as dull as the original one on the 2001 Ram Van I have.
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