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97 Voyager Dash Gauges Quit.

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Hi All

I've got a 97 grand voyager with what I think is an electrical problem.
A while back I noticed that I had no gauges working and my check engine light come on--all while I am driving.
A few days later, everything started working---great!--now where am I going to start looking.
This went on for a few times in the next few months.
I checked the code and found it said loss of communication to the dash?--the light went out after a few days.
Now my speedo is pegged at 30kph when I am stopped. It works fine when I am driving, all I do is subtract 30 from what the gauge shows.
Has any one out there experienced this or can lead me to where the problem might be?


reading through a bunch of posts--do you think this sounds like a poor soldering job at the rear of the instrument cluster?


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Hey Frank, Had similar issues on my 96 voyager. Tried the resoldering routine with no luck. Did find one cracked joint, but resolded all to be sure. Didn't work, so went to salvage yard, bought a matching cluster(depends if you have manual cable to operate shift indicator or electronic indicator). Cost 30.00 and solved all my problems. Good Luck, Mopar Carl
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